How To Promote Your Business Video on YouTube

As a business video producer, YouTube makes a great hosting and sharing platform. Many corporate video producers use it as a hosting platform but often don’t make the most of the other benefits it has to offer. A lot of video producers don’t realise just how effective a marketing tool YouTube can be. With the simple tips below you could start marketing yourself as a video producer with YouTube with very little extra effort.

  1. Host customers’ corporate videos – Many smaller businesses may well not want the hassle of hosting videos themselves. By providing hosting opportunities on your own Vimeo or YouTube channel, you are creating a great way to build up your brand awareness with additional views and backlinks created from these promotional videos being linked back to your YouTube channel.
  2. Brand your YouTube or Vimeo channel – Make use of YouTube and Vimeo’s channel customisation options. These can be great opportunities to brand your channel with your logo and company message.
  3. Incorporate relevant keywords into your channel and video information – These are very important. With just a few minutes spent entering keywords relating to your business video, you can extend your reach hugely by providing YouTube with a clearer idea as to which keyword phrases your video is applicable to. Try to incorporate keyword phrases that are relevant to your channel and/or the video you are uploading.
  4. Share your video on social media – Posting your new business video across your social media channels is a great way to build brand awareness as well as bringing people back to your YouTube or Vimeo page. By promoting your corporate video where it is more visible to others, you are more likely to attract additional visitors and potential businesses to your work, thus increasing the numbers of potential customers.
  5. Create a viral video – Not every business wants a viral video, but some do. Make the most of an opportunity for a viral video to boost your own profile or page. Even if businesses want to self host the video, ask for a link to the video in the description for a percentage off their quote.
  6. Upload ‘how to’ and guide videos – By uploading and doing a small series of ‘how to’ or guide videos, you are instantly building your audience and subscriber base. It’s always useful to make sure they are applicable to your target market, however any additional subscribers and views is a positive so consider this when planning these promotional videos. Many business video producers and filmmakers on YouTube have used this principle to great effect, gaining business from interesting videos they have uploaded that demonstrate their expertise.
  7. Keep irrelevant videos private – If you are working to build a successful YouTube or Vimeo channel then keep any work in progress or half completed edits private. This will help to avoid potential customers being put off by accidentally judging your skills on incomplete or ongoing work.